Policy and Guidance

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Training

bcg’s team of experts designs and delivers SMS training to transit agencies to support their transition to SMS.

By: Jim Caton & Andrew Lofton

Our team of safety professionals designs and delivers Safety Management Systems (SMS) training to transit agencies, supporting their transition to SMS. Led by bcg CEO Jim Caton and SMS specialists Dan Maurino and Ream Lazaro, our team delivers guidance and knowledge to industry leaders and provides innovative approaches to training.

We work closely with agency leaders and senior management teams—in both the public and private sectors—to develop safety objectives and deliver training catered to improving an agency’s SMS. Our experienced SMS team walks agencies through the initial stages of plan development all the way to plan execution.

Our Services

In 2017, we worked with the Federal Transit Administration to launch their “Introduction to SMS” course for SMS Lead personnel. We developed and led this course. We provided the following services:

  • Provided workshops on SMS implementation and development
  • Developed and administered a Safety Culture Survey
  • Prepared a safety culture report (based on the above survey)
  • Created and distributed technical assistance documents
  • Supported SMS Leads through SMS orientation

Our Process

Our SMS training process is rooted in three central priorities: engagement, development, and integrity.


We are committed to working with agencies to build their safety management systems.  We keep stakeholders informed of every change and evolution within an agency’s SMS, and we aim to provide industry professionals with all the tools necessary to communicate consistently.


The process of developing and evolving an SMS into the most effective version possible can present challenges. We provide guidance and support to agencies throughout the entire process of cultivating and building upon their SMS.


We understand that circumstances are constantly evolving, and that the transit industry and SMS must change over time. Our team stands with industry professionals and remains constant in our dedication to offering our knowledge and services to the industry.

Who We Serve

Over the years, we have partnered with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Chicago Transit Authority, Metro Transit Authority, and Port of Portland, among many other agencies across the nation.

Our SMS training provides key agency staff with the necessary tools and knowledge to support their ongoing progress toward SMS. Our team brings an arsenal of SMS knowledge and resources to the transit industry and is always looking for new tactics to creatively deliver SMS training and information to transportation professionals.