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Creating Accessible and Engaging Training for Your Business

By: Mike Vitale, Bill Hultsch, and Ream Lazaro

Staying informed through routine training and continuing education is important in every field of work and the field of transportation is no exception. bcg collaborates with agencies to produce engaging and accessible online courses (eLearning) that provide training and offer information to users trying to stay educated in their field.

What We Provide

We customize products for our clients by developing e-Learning curriculum specific to their needs. All content goes through a rigorous review and analysis for accuracy and completeness. bcg also supplements courses with multimedia presentations and quizzes.

Our eLearning services include, but are not limited to,

  • Collaborating with subject matter experts,
  • Producing course prototypes for stakeholders
  • Developing course content, including quizzes,
  • Storyboarding and creating engaging instructional videos,
  • Writing scripts for video and multimedia presentations,
  • Checking content accuracy and quality,
  • Testing compatibility across various web browsers, and
  • Testing content for Section 508 compliance.

bcg strives to cultivate an eLearning environment that considers the learner and how they will receive and absorb the information presented. A successful eLearning environment goes beyond merely delivering the information—the curriculum has to be communicated in a way that is easy to grasp. We achieve this dynamic learning environment by generating course prototypes to communicate every step of the process with stakeholders, and by valuing and responding to our client’s feedback.

Our Experience

bcg supports the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) in its partnership with the National Transit Institute (NTI) and the Transportation Safety Institute to develop and produce online training courses for transit industry professionals. FTA is federally mandated to provide industry training, and the large quantity of classes that have been developed, with the help of bcg, deliver much-needed support to growing professionals in the industry.  

Course titles include, but are not limited to,

  • SMS Awareness
  • Rail Nomenclature
  • Bus Nomenclature
  • Transit Supervisor Certification
  • Safety and Security Audit
  • Transit Bus System Safety
  • Advanced Rail Incident Investigation

Courses are online and instructor-led. Visit the “Courses” tab on NTI website to see a full list of available classes. A variety of other e-Learning courses are available on FTA’s Transit Safety and Oversight page.


By providing a rich collection of online resources to agencies and individuals, a larger number of people are able to gain the knowledge they need to advance their careers, programs, or operations. bcg is proud to play such an integral part in advancing the successes and expansion of transit industry professionals.